The Mission

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The Mission
The Royal Spies Infiltration of the Fellowship

Magnus Grey: The Leader of the Royal Spies, reports directly to HRM.
Sarah Paumera: Second in Command.

Evening, tonight I bring another tale of the Fellowship.  This one is of the suspected dark side of this organization.   The Royal Spies meant in its secret HQ where we discussed the Fellowship and Magnus then ask that we infiltrated this group.

Magnus Grey: What do you all know about the Fellowship?
Vixen: a cult
Malag aste: Not to trust them?
Kittie: *Agrees with Vixen*

Magnus Grey: All pretty accurate.
Vixen: I take it we are to become members to see what is up?
Malag aste: I watch them closely...
Magnus Grey: They are not well understood, but they are quickly gaining favor.

Malag aste: I fear they may start making demands that well don't agree with the Kingdom’s laws.
Magnus Grey: The last time they appeared there were some strange happenings.
Vixen: yes promises of rainbows and unicorns and such
Deavous: just another cult
Malag aste: Everything has a price...
Magnus Grey: Because of all this, I would like you to infiltrate the Fellowship.

Fallen Angel: All of us?
Magnus Grey: They are actively recruiting at this time.
Malag aste: I have already had my "brother" making donations to them to see what they are up to..
Vixen: that would be a huge group of new members

Magnus Grey: With so many new members, this is the best chance to enter their ranks.
Vixen: they would bend over backwards to get us all
Deavous: i know they are asking for stolen cargo

Magnus Grey: Since many of you are known in Britain and since security is highest here for the group.   I would like you to join the Yew and Minoc branches that recently opened.
Vixen: oh?
Malag aste: Very well.....
Vixen: one does not have to give up her citizenship?
Magnus Grey: It is likely they will explain their beliefs and doctrine, most of which is known.
Kittie: I certainly will not give up mine.. 
Vixen: *nods*

Magnus Grey: However, keep your eyes and ears open for more.
Vixen: I with you Kittie
Sarah Paumera: *slips away*
Kittie: *smiles to Vixen*
Magnus Grey: Any questions?
Vixen: pet allow?

Magnus Grey: I believe the Fellowship has no issues with pets.
Malag aste: Wonder how Lady Willa and Tanda feel about the Fellowship starting chapters in their cities.
Kittie: I would like to see them say "no" to a dragon or Cu.    *giggle*
Vixen: heheh

Magnus Grey: An interesting question Malag. I gather the Fellowship used some of its coffers to simply buy land and build...  Before anyone noticed...
Malag aste: Still don't trust them
Magnus Grey: Kalenoir, visit both branches, but if you have strong ties in one city, join in the other.

Magnus Grey: It doesn't hurt to keep one's secrets.
Vixen: Hey Kittie I follow you
Malag aste: Well I kind of owe Willa so I suppose I should go there.
Kittie: *smiles and nods to Vixen* 

Magnus Grey: If there is nothing else.  Good luck.
Malag aste: *nods*

With those words a gate was open and we found our self in Yew.  Not far off was a strange little building builded from what looked like white marble.  A very pretty young girl dress in white was to greet us.

Fellowship Envoy: Welcome.   Welcome to the City of Yew and our Fellowship House here!

Kittie: Sort of ... small for a house.. 
Fellowship Envoy: We are still recruiting!
Malag aste: If you don't mind that is...
Fellowship Envoy: Our main branch is in Britain.
Spoonman: what is the "fellowship"?

Damia Terra: where do we sign up?
Fellowship Envoy: We also have our Fellowship village and retreat center.
Malag aste: I would prefer to serve here... if that's ok... retreat?
Kris: In Rel Ylem - Stone Form
Ronan: in east Britain?
Fellowship Envoy: I have a book right there.
Vixen: retreat center?  where is that?
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    Damia Terra: does your retreat have a good spa?
    Fellowship Envoy: East Britain, yup!  Retreat Center is currently being restored.
    Malag aste: Oh?
    Spoonman: if we all sign up, what sort of things will we be doing?
    Vixen: restored?
    Fellowship Envoy: But if you join us, we will show it to you when it is ready!

    Damia Terra: oh good
    Malag aste: Oh good I look forward to it...

    Kittie: What about a Moonglow branch? 
    Fellowship Envoy: Helping people of course!
    Kittie: Will that be coming soon?
    Spoonman: maybe we could offer our services in fixing it?
    Malice: Join and then explain? Sounds like a scam
    Fellowship Envoy: Moonglow is on our list.

    Spoonman: many of us are skilled craftspeople
    Fellowship Envoy: But you know how expensive land on an island can be.
    Vixen: *thinks over my dead body*
    Fellowship Envoy: But Lord Batlin does have a special place in his heart for mages.
    Kittie: *nods* .. so, say I join here, I could transfer to there? .. 
    Kittie: *looks to Vixen and winks*
    Spoonman: an island, you say....
    Fellowship Envoy: You will see the world through the Fellowship.  Lord Batlin has big plans for branches all over.  Even in Ter Mur!
    Kittie: Hmm.. 
    Spoonman: Lord Batlin?
    Fellowship Envoy: We are very accepting of gargoyles and other peoples.  Lord Batlin, our founder!
    Chikikiataka: *chitters incoherently*

    Watcher: what percentage of your donations do you keep for yourselves
    Fellowship Envoy: Well, one of three founders.  But he is our voice.
    Duncan: Who'r the other two?
    Fellowship Envoy: All donations are put back into the work of Fellowship.
    Kalenoir: Do you have a group in Ter Mur?
    Fellowship Envoy: The Twins, Elizabeth and Abraham!  
    Malag aste:  So... who are your other founders?   Ah...
    Fellowship Envoy: We are looking to open a branch in Ter Mur.
    Spoonman: what sort of donations do u need?

    Fellowship Envoy: We don't collect those here.  But if you visit Britain, we are always willing to accept such goods.  We also like our members to donate the most valuable thing in the world.

    Ronan: time?
    Fellowship Envoy: Yes, Time!  Life is so short, but together, we can use that time to change the world!  Well, I was about to share with our new members some of Lord Batlin's parables.
    Damia Terra: i love a good parable
    Fellowship Envoy: With some help from a mage, we were able to make them interactive.  Sometimes living is believing.

    Kittie: *scratches the back of her head*
    Fellowship Envoy: I will put out a book for those of you who want to learn more.
    Spoonman: i want to belive
    Malag aste: great
    Fellowship Envoy: But I am willing to show you all Lord Batlin's great story.
    Chikikiataka: *chitters and clicks anxiously*
    Spoonman: yes, we want to see

    Fellowship Envoy: Do you have any questions about Lord Batlin or the Fellowship?
    Kittie: Just.. when do we start?
    Kalenoir: I seek to learn
    Malice: who is Lord Batlin
    Malag aste: I would like to learn more
    Fellowship Envoy: Lord Batlin trained as a druid in Yew for a time, so he is a local!  Are you interested in visiting the parable now?

    Fellowship Envoy: Remember to sign up if you are interested.
    Vixen: sure
    Spoonman: i put my name in the book

    All present did in fact sigh the book, thus taking the first steps in infiltrating the Fellowship.

    We did take a tour of the parable, a tale of an Old man and would be thieves.  During the Parable real would be murdering thieves appeared and were quickly buried.  We then were gated to the next Fellowship location.  This one is in Minoc, a little larger and sitting very close to the city docks.  It reminded me of the Big Bad Wolf.  “The better to see you”.  Able to watch all the cargo as its unloads and moves off the docks, to be stored or shipped to other cities.

    Here the Envoys were a young man and girl. both dressed in white, both with the very same greetings as before and both with the very same answers to our questions.  Here we received another invite to a parable which of course we accepted.  Enter the gate we found ourself near the Minoc mines, before us were three individuals, who gave a tale of two brothers and how they were trick out of a mining claim by a third.

    It was after this tale of brothers we meant the leader of the Fellowship, Lord Batlin.  Why do I feel as if I need to buy snake oil from that peddler over there in Britain?  That was how Lord Batlin swayed you, even we the Royal Spies could feel it, it was electrifying in the air.  Your hair stood up on your forearm!  With open arms he welcome each and every one of us into the Fellowship.  You could hear the gears turning as his eyes gleamed over with joy of having so many members join.  With finally words of encouragement Lord Batlin departed and we all returned to the HQ for debriefing.

    Thus ends this tale.

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