Selling AGE of SHADOWS Gift Pick, Can even be in a name you Pick !!

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I have some AGE of SHADOWS gift picks, unclaimed, that I can possibly sell for the right price. They are on the Pacific, Europa and Drachenfels shards (if they are not your shard of playing you will need to transfer them out of those shards to your shard of playing).

This is stuff dating back to 2003 folks !!!

It is like going back 16 Years in time !!!

It can even be in your name if you provide a name change token for each of the picks you may want on those shards so that I can change my character's name in a name that you will indicate (has to be a permitted character's name, of course), before claiming the pick of your choice.

This is a unique chance at getting in your character's name a very special Ultima Online Age of Shadows' gift !!

Probably, the very last chance you will have in Ultima Online to be able to get an Age of Shadows' gift in your character's name !! Once they will be gone, they will be gone for good and so will all chances to get this opportunity for a very unique and special Age of Shadows' gift in your character's name !

Age of Shadows has been a landmark expansion in Ultima Online, possibly the expansion which contained the most important changes in the life of this game now existing for 22 years !! These unique and special gifts are a landmark icon for a landmark expansion in the life of Ultima Online.

You can read about the available options at : Age of Shadows Launch Gift

If you are interested PM me.
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