Atlantic Auctions presents Weekly Player Run Auctions!

After a massive amount of feedback, both in game, on Forums, and on Stratics I developed with the assistance on MOA on GL a weekly player run Auction on Atlantic!

With the amount of IDOCs items, regular items, and EM Rares being sold every day on Atlantic it makes sense to have a spot where we can show off your item and hopefully get you top coin for it!

Along with the player run auction we will be having a slew of weekly and holiday special events during the auction. Where you can win gold, prizes, and the key to my heart. Er, maybe not that last one.

First Auction will be on Saturday, July 6th at 7pm EST. We will start promptly, so be there early.
After we will continue every consecutive Saturday as long as interest remains high for these events.

How do I get there?!
Gates will be provided at Luna by the amazing PEC Rayne starting at 5pm EST Lasting until 9pm EST.
Additionally we will remind everyone 15 mins prior in gen chat and advise how to get to the auction house.
All [AUC] Staff will be on hand to come to any Trammel/Malas Town and gate you here.

Also we will be handing out teleporters for established malls to add us to their collection. 

Who can come?
It doesn't matter if you don't have gold to bid, or just want to hang out and watch. You are welcome.

Who can't come?
Mounts and Pets. - We're providing hitching posts for you to stable your mount/pet. We do not recommend leaving your pet outside as past auctions have had harbingers popped and pets killed. Though if you're brave feel free to park them anywhere outside.

Who else can't participate?
We also will not tolerate scammers, cheaters, racists, homophobic, or any other type of people we would not want to do business with. EVERYONE gets ONE chance. After that you will be asked to leave the auction. Next time it's perma ban. With scammers and cheaters getting a perma right away. 

I would assume a majority of us are adults now and we should all be able to conduct ourselves like adults. Leave Gen chat in Gen chat. 

The Basics:
I have been involved with UO for 20 years now. From the days of actually needing deeds to place houses. A small stone tower costing over a mil and it taking FOREVER to obtain that money. To now where I can officially afford 2 small stone towers. (That's a joke there son, go ahead and laugh a little.)

I can have people vouch for me, but if you don't know me someone else's word isn't going to mean that much more to you than mine. So I will be proving myself to all of you every week. All transactions will be 100% transparent. 100% tracked. We will have a history of ALL auctions on our website.

Each week we will accept any and all submissions, yes including houses. We provide bags and books for you to add your item into the auction. The only items we DO NOT accept are illegal items. ie: Duped Items, Illegally Created Items, etc.

Anyone claiming to work for us without the guild title, does not work for us. 
Make sure to contact me and tell me who is asking for your item. I will ensure they work for us.

How Submissions Work:
1. The bag you place your item in should contain a book.
2. Book should have the following info: Character Name, Contact (ICQ or Discord), Name of Item (1 per bag, unless items are a lot and being sold together), Minimum or Starting Price. 
3. Please include the item in bag.

We will have vendors with bag and book at the AH. You can pick them up there. Also a good rule of thumb is to make the person go behind the bar. This will show they work for [AUC].

Please Note: We're not creating reserves on auction items. If you want something to sell at 100m or higher start at 100m.

Please Note: All Sales Are Final - If you started your auction at 10m and expected 100m but only got 50m. I'm sorry but it's too late.

Once received item will be inspected by the auctioneer personally. (Me) I will Date the book and add the item to our database. Along with assigning it a lot/ticket number. We keep track of Item, Starting Price, Ending Price, Date Added and Date Sold.

A base fee of 3% is collected from each item/lot sold. This fee is not used for me to take a bath in gold coins. The money will be used for weekly events like mystery chest, trivia, upgrades to the establishment, etc. 

Employees with AUC are not paid. However, if they do a good job and you'd like to toss a few coins at them to dance for you, have at it.

You won an item! Now what? 
- All items when the gavel hits and the item is sold must be paid for to the cashier. Failure to pay and you will be asked to leave the auction. Duplicate issues of fake bids or non payment will result in permaban from establishment.

You sold an item! Now what? - All items sold will be available for payout immediately after the auction. Your fee of 3% will be deducted from your payout, and you will be given back the book(s) with the item that sold listed and how much it sold for. This way you can ensure we gave you the right amount back (minus the 3%).

Can I help?
 - Sure! We can always use gaters, ushers, and people to help plan the mini events during the auction. We already have a cashier and a broker. Though people who work for us and show us they can be trusted, will get more responsibility as time progresses.

How can I reach you? - ICQ: 43658528 or Discord: SamanthaCarter#0129

What is your website?

Will I lose my item? Can I get insurance? - Atlantic Auctions does EVERYTHING in its power to ensure that your item stays safe from start to finish. The truth though is that ANYTHING can happen. We have prepared against all known bugs, glitches, and scams, but the truth is your item could get stolen or lost. 

However, in regards to any item stolen/lost under 100m you will be paid out your starting amount including a 5% inconvenience fee if we lose your item.

In regards to any item stolen/lost 100m and up. If we lose your item the amount paid out will be the going rate for said item. (Vendor Search Price) Along with any items 100m and up will only be handled by myself. This ensures a safe transaction from start to finish.

My item didn't sell, what now? - It happens from time to time where an item doesn't sell. Normally we list that it didn't sell, and it will be put into next week's auction.

It's been x amount of months and you still have my item! - You can arrange a pick up anytime except during an auction. Please use my contact information and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


  • Just a heads up we're moving this up to This Saturday June 26th at 7pm EST - because of expressed interest to start sooner. Gates/Runes will be provided at Luna. Please come out and make it a huge success.

    Items can be found here:
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