Anyone else have their Pie Safe and China Cabinet broken further by the "FIX" in the publish

Bug Fixes

Resolved an issue where armoire style containers, including those from the Decorative Kitchen set could enter a broken state.

Before the fix my pie safe was broken. Now after the fix my pie safe AND my china cabinet are broken? Yes, I turned the pie safe and it broke. I did not turn the china cabinet. I opened it took out some items and left. I didn't open and close it again so it looked close. Now its stuck open. 1. anyone else having this issue since the publish? 2. could be possible to trade my defective ones in for non-defective ones? (just an idea) Thank you


  • I haven't touched mine as far as opening and closing and I don't intend too :P
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  • I wish I hadn't.  :(   I'd really like a replacement with a FUNCTIONING set or the return of my sovereigns. We should be entitled to something more than a kick in the pants since we paid real money for the sovereigns to buy the UO Store items.  :#  :s :'( :'(
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    I haven't decorated yet with the china cabinet and pie safe yet. So far I'd only messed around with the wood stove, which didn't work as a heat source for me when trying to use it to make ammo btw.  But now that I've gone to check I see that they're both still broken with the doors stuck open. Tried securing them, locking them down, putting stuff in, taking stuff out. Nope. Anyone come up with any trick for closing the doors?
  • The only thing I haven't tried is putting them in a pack horse and tried closing them there. Pack horses sometimes have magical properties lol

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  • Maybe as a not for sale container on a vendor? Seems someone opened one I had on a vendor but it sold before I messed with it. Like I say I'm not touching mine.
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  • LilyGraceLilyGrace Posts: 394
    Hmm I'll try the packhorse trick and see. But it would be nice to get some feedback from the dev's on this. Is it something where if you buy it new now it's fixed but if you bought one early you're stuck with broken ones? If newer ones work properly then we should be able to make an exchange if we call a GM.
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    Okay I tried the packie trick...I used pack llamas (does it make a difference?)  I put them in Tweedle Dee's and Tweedle Dum's (I thought those were great names for a pair of pack llamas) backpacks. I opened and close them.   SIGH- Nothing.  Still broken. 
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    BS seems to be willing to fix this. I'd do a bug report. Let them know it needs more attention. Something like a drop down menu for the different functions. Open doors, close doors, open storage kinda thing. Something like that.
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  • ZekeTerraZekeTerra Posts: 313
    I wrote up a bug report last week.  0 comments
  • ZekeTerra said:
    I wrote up a bug report last week.  0 comments
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  • LilyGraceLilyGrace Posts: 394

    That's right! I like to keep a cow in the kitchen along with my broken cabinets. I've done everything but swing a dead cat to try to fix them. Just a simple "We're working on it" would make me feel better. 

    If new ones being sold work properly then I should be able to call a GM to replace these. But I don't want to waste my time waiting on a GM that isn't going to show. Or that's going to tell me they can't replace items. A little advice or information from the dev's on this would be nice.

    Thank you.
  • I just bought one this past week. My pie safe is stuck open. Still not fixed after pub 106
  • Okay I paged a GM and they did come and fix it.  I was actually shock and surprised.
  • jelinidasjelinidas Posts: 324
    Does it work as intended after GM fixed it or are you scared to open it again?
  • They seem to work as intended.  :)  I use it in my castle kitchen. I have one of the custom castles come see it on Legends. I have House teleporters in my Luna library and they are marked with books.  Its the crafty castle. 

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