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At the attention of Lord Devil Dog, Governor of Minoc,

I heard some rumors about your request to UWSP Citizens for some books signed by people that declare the Moongate of Minoc/Vesper, is only of property of the City of Minoc.
I'm really sorry that this issue with the Moongate is not leaving Your Grace sleeping well, but the announcement about the ownership of the Moongate for the next month was done by Royal Proclamation of Our Majesty. 
And you can understand, that before everything, we are loyal servants of the King. This is a matter between the cities of Minoc and Vesper and we don't support any side because we are neutral in this war unless there are special agreements or payment for our services.
So for any complaint about that decision, Your Grace, you have to speak with the King and find a solution with him. 
I'm very sorry My Lord but this is our decision.
Hoping to meet Your Grace, in a friendly meeting, i'll give my greetings.

Lord Magichands, Governor of UWSP Town

P.S. I suggest to Your Grace, to increase the protection and guards around your person, because there are rumors that the Royal Murderer got the order to get the heads of some important person of the kingdom and your Name is one at the top of that list !
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