What do you think? Mesanna kicked out the questioner.

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Please read and tell us if we are wrong to ask for the reason why there has been no post at all to explain the situation, while Chesapeake got it posted for their server down.



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    thank you for posting this link. 
    I forgot all about the meet & greet.


    If you look in the Yamato section here, you will see where I posted about Yamato going down.
    I was told by a friend that it was down.
    I didn't know at the time that it had been down more than a day.
    I just knew what a friend of mine had said...


    then there was another time...
    where Santa Claus kept crashing Legends...
    as soon as I posted on the forums,
    very quickly they figured out what the problem was.

    The next time your shard goes down
    post a message here
    and if you can't do that, then message your EM
    or somebody else who can...

    If its not reported, then they don't know its down
    And from the meet and greet notes, 
    sounds like they are working on a solution...
    maybe an alert of some kind, when a shard goes down unexpectedly...


    Its in my opinion that they posted about Chesapeake
    because its been an ongoing issue on that shard...
    it wasn't just a one time down time.
    the shard kept crashing

    please report when your shard goes down...

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    Thank you for your reply.
    We did paged our GM and told our EM of course. I’m sure DEV knew the situation in the quite early stage.
    The question was not about the server down. Wondering why we couldn’t get a timely information. If DEV was aware of the problem and tried to solve it, they were at least able to post it to UO.com, “we are working on it now” like they did for Chessy.
    About your suggestion to post it to UO forum; Please understand not all of us are fluent in English and UO forum friendly. Imagine if you are forced to create your account in the forum written in unknown language. See many of us are shut out at that point. 
    If DEV posts it to UO.com, doesn’t matter if that is written in English, we will try to read it anyway because we need information.
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    I should have been a little more clear.
    Have someone post on the forums, that speaks fluent English.
    if you post on here, the moderators and DEVs watch the posts here.
    I don't know how often they check their emails.

    In my opinion, they took Chessy down until they got it fixed.
    cause it was crashing multiple times.

    I believe they got your shard back up, as soon as they realized it was down.

    has it happened again since February?

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    Please read this link first at least for English part.

    Y: 5月28日、午後3時40分頃から29日夜中の1時まで
    Y: 29日メンテ明けから午後10時までとその後11時に再び消失

    First time from May 28 3:40 pm to May 29 1:00 am
    Second time from May 29 after the reg maintenance (around 7:00 am) to 10:00 am, and then again from 11:00 am for the whole day long

    Remember I am not a Yamato player, but I am posting it here since this topic has been a big issue in Japan. I can’t watch all shards to post their server down each time. That is DEV’s task to watch. We know they are suffered from the shortage of engineers, but this shouldn’t be a reason to leave our shards out.

    You are missing point. The issue is not ‘fixed or not fixed’. We are just asking for ‘timely information’ and not for the contact tool to reach DEV. 

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    Mesanna answered the question asked, they are working on a tool to keep players better informed on shard crashes. This is not a topic for discussion here.
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