[EM Wrapup]A meeting with Elizabeth

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Good afternoon Catskills. First I want to truly apologize for the difficulties encountered last night in Buc's Den with hearing Elizabeth's conversation preceding the trips to the pirate camps. As last night's event was intended to move the story forward, and introduce a new participant in the story, I wanted to provide a sort of transcript of the speech for those that were not able to hear the first part.

Introducing Elizabeth - 
*glances at the Pirate's Den in distaste*
My name is Elizabeth
I greet you this evening on behalf of the Fellowship
My Lord Batlin bid me come to you and seek to correct the lies you may have heard recently
The pirate Hook and his cronies have attempted to corrupt not only the virtues but the purpose of the Fellowship as well
You see: a human corpse
*looks to the human corpse*
Poor souls such as this are the very ones we seek to help
Contrary to what you've been told, we only seek to serve the poor and vulnerable of these lands
Alas, Hook was, at one time, a valued member of the Fellowship
but he strayed from our path
We are truly saddened that the discord he wrought was allowed to go on for so long
It is our true desire that all citizens unite for the common good of all
While you were able to stop the mage, Rankin, it's true
and your mage was able to reverse the corruption at the shrines
Hook and several of his cohorts are still out there
To show that we are not willing to allow Hook to corrupt our purpose
I have the locations of three of his camps as well as the names of his associates you may not have known
My greatest wish is that we might bring Hook and his associates to justice
The three camps that I know of may be deserted, but there may also be ambushes waiting
I would seek to help in the capture of Hook and his associates
While Hook is the leader of this band
and you defeated Rankin
there are two others, Danag, Hook's second in command
and Voldin, who led several of the raids in Hook's name
I know of three camps of Hook's men
if you will accept my help, I will lead you to those locations
please be wary of ambushes, we can hope that we will find Hook himself or one of his associates
and perhaps bring an end to his foul plans
stay alert, we know not what awaits us

Again, I'm truly sorry for the confusion and have totally learned my lesson about Buc's Den. *walks off muttering about pirate's sabotaging her speeches*
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