Ninja - Animal Form/Totem Suggestion

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I would absolutely LOVE to have a Monkey Form (not a gorilla... but an actual monkey) a la Monkey King (Sun Wukong) as I think that would be an awesome way to RP a ninja! 

Or, if want to really get creative, do all of the Asian Zodiac...
We already have some, wouldn't be hard to do the rest. Artwork is already in the game for them - except for monkey - just need to figure out bonuses (if any)

Rat - got
Ox- Bull or Cow - bonus would be strength, maybe macing or fencing (hoof kick = mace, horns  = pierce)
Tiger: Tiger - bonus would be physical attack (with swords maybe - tigers slash)
Rabbit or Cat - got both already (different cultures recognize one or the other)
Dragon - Reptalon is a fetch for this, but I could see using the Serpentine.. and this would be an uber artifact (super hard to get) - would add luck bonus to this as well as fire damage; a most auspicious sign the dragon.
Snake - got
Horse - bonus would be speed, maybe macing as well
Goat - bonus would be dex - goats are seriously dexterous climbers and can actually open gates with their tongue (believe me, my neighbor's goat is an escape artist!)
Monkey - PUHLEEEEEEZE!!!!! Bonus would be same as ferret, or maybe just replace the ferret, or perhaps make the bonus for stealing +5 and add some luck? Monkeys are also lucky (if mischievous). This would be the ONLY new artwork needed. Would probably have this as another high level artifact, or even some sort of reward.
Rooster: use the Chicken - bonus would be with a fencing (pecking is a poke)
Dog - got
Pig - bonus would be some resists, maybe a +10 to a random each time the form is chosen - would make it fun and interesting.

Been playing my ninja lately (so much fun slaying pirates with a ninja!) and was thinking a monkey would be awesome instead of what I've been RPing

Or take this even further... and make a sort of asian themed arc and part of it is to help the archetypes of each zodiac to find enlightenment (think Journey to the West) and disguises could be talisman/rewards, but the ninja/bushido classes would get added bonuses when using them. May help stir interest with Tokuno again. 

Sorry, brainstorming... 
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