Skill Requirement for T-Hunting

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So, I have read the latest publish as of June 12, 2019 and I am still confused. You say in the Publish that LP and DH are no longer pre-reqs for the RT Skill. I had also read in another article that those two skills (LP & DH) were going to be incorporated into the Cartography skill, therefore not needing Mining to find the chest. Now, it seems, that this is not true, that I will still have to have LP to open chests, just like before (GM I assume for the higher level chests) PLUS I will still have to have Mining if I don't want to search tile by tile for the chest??? Plus I have to have RT AND know how to do puzzles??? PLEASE CLARIFY!!!!

My template did not allow for me to have both LP & Mining on at the same time and I was having a hard enough time switching between LP & Mining, but at least I could put on Mining, go find the chest during the day, remove Mining and put on LP and be ready for guild hunting that night. And I would periodically forget to swap the skills and get to a chest and have to waste time going home to swap. But that was on me for wanting the template I have and not wanting to take forever to find a chest.

So now, you are FORCING me to ADD a skill I have no room for on my template ... people are NOT going to want to wait while I go home and switch RT for LP to open the chest, so I will have to 'carry' both of those skills on my template at all times or carry my soulstones into battle. And what if I am not good at puzzles???? Some people are, and some people aren't!!! Didn't know I had to be a genius to play this game!!! You should take into account that some of us are rather old and not as sharp as we used to be!!

You know, that was the ONE activity I REALLY enjoyed doing by myself and now you've ruined it! I have been a T-Hunter for half of my UO career and will probably retire. You were asked to revamp LOOT not the whole Skill-set.

So, while you may have done this thinking it would make Cartography and T-Hunting more appealing, it doesn't. And making it harder or impossible is just plain discouraging and mean. I know that I will probably be retiring my T-Hunter. LOTS of other ways to get scrolls and such.



  • TimStTimSt Posts: 782

    It looks like you have not kept up with the changes.

    The puzzles have been gone from treasure chests for three weeks.

    Cartography takes the place of mining when it comes to digging up the chest.  So if you had both cart and mining on your char at the same time you will be able to drop the mining and put LP on instead.  If you only had room for one skill at a time your skill switching changes from cart -> mining -> lp to cart -> lp.  That should make t-hunting easier.

    The Remove trap skill is not required to open the treasure chest.  But it helps reduce the chance of a guardian or two popping up while you try to remove the trap from the chest.

    Remove trap no longer requires the DH skill.  If you want you can train remove trap using puzzle boxes that you buy from an NPC.  Or you can train the old way.

  • MariahMariah Posts: 844Moderator
    You need lockpick and cartography,
    you no longer need mining.
    You don't need detect hidden.
    you will need to use remove trap, but you can use it at zero skill, so you do not have to squeeze it into a cramped template.

    IF you choose to use it at zero skill it will take you longer to untrap the chest.
    While you are untrapping a chest ancient guardians spawn, these are the same level of creatures that spawn during digging, but blue in color and have no loot - they only spawn one at a time, but obviously the longer it takes you the more will have time to spawn.

    If you choose to train remove trap there are several methods you can use. You can read those on the remove trap page of the wiki
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