Armor refinements stealables in fel towns

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Ok so I dont know if they changed anything for stealing refinements in the fel town chests but I have 120 stealing on a character and I am getting guards wacked like 9 times out of 10 at some places. What is the deal of having 120 stealing then I mean why did they put these refinements there if we can't even steal them at 120. Is this intended @Kyronix to be guards wacked 9 times on 10 at 120 stealing at some fel shops ?


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    We would need more information to look into this.  Nothing has changed recently with stealing, so in order to investigate we need to know where you were attempting to steal the items (X, Y, Z coords), how many NPCs were around and which way they were facing (a screenshot would be fine) and what your real and modded stealing skill is.

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    Ok I did not know reall skill mattered in order to steal a refinement that is 1 stone in weight. I am wearing +60 Stealing from items so I have 60 real and +60 on items. I did notice that some places I was getting guards wack alot had at least one npc close ( does range of npc matter  or only the direction they are facing?).    I appreciate how quick you answered me on this one :) @Kyronix
    Also can I send you a screenshot of the tailor shop in fel minoc which has few crates+barrels unreachable that contains refinement in them, maybe you could move those refinements to other crates/barrels in the same shop that do not have anything in them.
    And finally I also counted a few carpenters, furtraders shops that do not have any refinements in  them at all, when I lockpick the chest they are empty, at least on Catskills. If you want I make you a screenshot of all the locations unreachable or empty shops that should contains refinements ( some carpenters & furtraders shops)
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