Nature - Thursday June 13th 9PM EDT

EM RoenickEM Roenick Posts: 94Event Moderator
As the guards are making their rounds about the hall, protecting the precious orbs within, a strange mist starts to creep along the streets. Curling tendrils reaching out along the cobblestones, wrapping around the nooks and crannies and sweeping into doorways. A shadowy figure stands alone at the edge of the forest muttering an incantation to make the darkness of night even more impenetrable.  Darkness settles over the moon causing the guards on patrol to cast uneasy glances towards the sky. A warm breeze comes out of the south bringing a smell of rot and turned earth, unnatural for this time of year. A lone howl rises up from the forest, silenced quickly with a yip of pain. The Captain of the guard motions over a young soldier handing him a quickly scrawled message.  “I need you to ride. Mount up and head quickly to the North. Tell them…. Tell them it is time. He is coming.”

Meet at Serpent's Hold Warriors Guild - Gates will be provided
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