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I am training a Triton which I opened In Tokuno but when I started adding specials like AI , Chivy and FWW it also wants to add Ninjutsu. Is that as it should be? Or am I doing something wrong??? I would appreciate any assistance.


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    Yes it costs 700 extra points to add FWW.  It has to have the scroll, ability and the passive magic.

    In order to get one with AI/FWW/Chiv,  you need to start with one that has high intensity.

    Calculate the intensity here:

    Then go to the planner on that page.  Do not add anything but save the planner.  Copy the link and post it here.

    I can see if yours is a good candidate for that build.

    You have to plan the build because the abilities need to be added over two training cycles.
  • ArronArron Posts: 485 I think this is the correct link.
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    Looks Good.  I suggest you max the intel to increase mana regen.  Set the Stamina Regen to 10, they lose stamina when hit.

    Thats all that is needed to make a good base pet.  You still have 312 points.

    I would put a Tactics scroll on.  110 or 115 at least.

    A 115 allows 458 Mana  thats plenty.  110 allows more.

    Here it is with a 115.  A 120 would have less Mana which is fine.  All Chiv./AI pets go to 0 Mana fast. they run on regens.

    You got yourself a Killing Machine.  Have fun!
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    When building it you need to spread out the abilities.

    1st Round you could max the Strength 700.  If the pet started with less than 200 it will use all the points. If more, you have spare points, Use the spare points to start setting the Regens, leftover few points to Mana.

    2nd round you could set the resists.  Put on the AI and FWW. make sure Str is 700 and max the Intel. Use the rest of the round to set the Regens.  

    Last round you could finish the Regens, add the Chiv, add the scrolls, and choose the Mana.

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    @Pawain Thanks for the advice. I had the same idea as you did with the only difference being I would add Chiv in the secound round and add FWW on the final round with the scrolls. The reason I was thinking of doing FWW last is because I would be training it on Single Monsters in lvl 6 shame and would not need the FWW, unless you were thinking of a specific reason why I should do it with Chivy Last. Would it train up faster if it had 2 Monsters on it fighting insted of 1?

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    No reason on a Triton.  Some pets have built in abilities so you can not do them in a different order.  I like to stick with an order that works for any pet type.

    Tritons train on the Mages and the vortexes just fine.
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