Classic Client artLegacyMUL.uop - will something ever be done?

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Currently, on a reinstall/fresh install, and I assume any patch that changes it, this 64 MB file (there might be multiple files of this name - the one in question is 64MB and takes place over half-way through the installation) takes about 99% of the install time of the 1437MB installation.

I've tested this on multiple systems, multiple versions of Windows 10 and 7. This is with a gigabit ethernet connection to a 200+Mbps internet modem (that is testing to be running at better than 200)

The client patcher runs about 1-3k per second during that file compared to hundreds of k per second for every other part of the file averages. 

How long? To give an example...

I downloaded both EC and CC on the computer, did the base install for both (which only makes it to where you can run the clients to install the ACTUAL client files through the patcher). 

I then clicked the CC startup link, and it quickly went through most of the files in a minute or two. Then it hit the offending file.
When the CC install reached artLegacyMUL.uop, I then started the same process for the EC, which is a 2565MB install. 

20-25 minutes later, the EC finishes installing. 
The CC artLegacyMUl.uop file STILL hasn't gotten to 20MB/64MB.

Something is seriously wrong with how that file is set up in the patcher system. It typically takes 40-60 minutes for 64MB, and 3-5 minutes for the rest (1350MB-ish) of the CC files.


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    Oh, and just for curiosity's sake, I restarted the EC, and had it do a full file check that took another 15 minutes, and the CC STILL only managed to get from 22MB to 36MB in the SAME install.

    It finally finished after 90+ minutes, and the remaining 120MB or so of other files patched in ELEVEN minutes (9 of which was gumpartLegacymul.uop, which itself is only 40 MB of the 122)

    So, a 105 minute install, of which two files totaling 104 MB took 100 minutes of it (out of 1437 MB). one of the files taking 90% of the 100.
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    For comparison's sake, and I only run the CC.
    My (current) hardware setup:
    • Dell Inspiron 11-3168 (native netbook with no hardware upgrade path)
    • Windows 10 Home (what a syshog it is)
    • UO-CC sits on a Seagate tera-drive (not the C-drive) connecting via USB3
    • WIFI speeds: 55.5 up and 6.2 down (any wonder I'm not pvping much right now?)
    Raw CC install takes about 20 minutes overall, and patching with file check (only way I do it) takes all of about 10 to 15 minutes.

    Make sure your hard drive is clean, defragged, and organized. My old Alien Rig got so fragmented that installing a casual game via BigFish took a half hour once. Now I keep my drives very clean, dumping what is not needed, and defrag about every 2 weeks to help with file integrity and disk life span. 

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    Kirthag: This issue has occurred to me with 5 different machines, ranging from 12 year old refurb machines running Windows 7 and 10 (32 and 64 bit), to a brand new computer running Windows 10 Pro, 24 GB RAM, with a 256 GB SSD. 200 down, 10-15 up.

    While the install times vary, those SPECIFIC two parts of the installs take 90-95% of the install time EVERY TIME, be it a 30 minute install or a 90 minute install - the 90 minutes was on one of the refurbs, with the new computer taking about 40 minutes 3 months prior). This is about 10 different clean installs over the last 6 years, spread over those 5 machines (3 desktops, 2 laptops) - and, locations in 3 different counties. This for a file that that's about 4% of the total install, and a nother that's almost as slow that's maybe2-3% of the install (that still installs 5x quicker than the first one).

    It's NOT my hardware.
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    Just had to do a reinstall ( an earlier install had every character crashing the first time I went into my Ter mur house, or logged in there - but not after the crash unless I changed character). So, this time I started the install with the intent of timing it.

    So, out of a CC clean install:

    Multiple files, up to the 1315MB mark - 1 minute combined (give or take a few seconds).
    64 MB artlegacymul.uop - 30 minutes (almost exactly) BY ITSELF
    40 MB gumpartlegacymul.uop (the next file in the install sequence) - 4 minutes by itself.
    Remaining multiple files (remaining 81-82MB): a fraction of minute combined.

    There has to be a better way for those 2 files to be installed, 104/1437MB taking 34/36 minutes.
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