EM News - Amazing Race - UO Style

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Tonight, on Catskills, the citizens undertook a challenge to complete a race using only the clues handed out by the Oracles they encountered. Thank you to all who participated!

Congratulations to the Following - 
1st Place - Team Effort by Morganna, Gash, Harliquinn and Soren
2nd Place - Lord Chanticleer
3rd Place - Lord Bytor
Honorable mention - Gallion

Trophies will be on display at the Award Hall in the next few days. 


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    Good morning Catskills. If anyone missed the Amazing Race last night and would like to try your hand at it, start by speaking to the oracle on the front steps of the Assembly Hall outside Britain.

    1. Approach each oracle along the way and say "Clue Please".
    2. The oracle will ask you for an item that can be easily (and cheaply) purchased from an NPC in game.
    3. Hand the oracle the requested item and she will give you a clue to the next location.
    4. There are a total of 7 oracles and the last one will congratulate you for completing the race upon handing her the item.

    If you'd like, feel free to drop a book in the mailbox at either the Malas Award Hall or the Britain Assembly Hall with the oracle names and locations, in order. Anyone doing so will have their names posted here and on Facebook in recognition of your achievement.
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