Chessy Transfers

Any timeframe or thoughts on how long transfers will be down to get off Chessy? @Kyronix @Mesanna @Bleak


  • CazadorCazador Posts: 83
  • CazadorCazador Posts: 83
  • 1st Yamato was down for 2 Days and now Transfers from or to Chessy been down for a while!!, any news for us @Bleak , @Kyronix ?

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    Day 6?
  • @Kyronix - @Bleak ;
    Been over a week since We cant transfer anything In and out of Chessy. Rarefest already started on Atlantic and yet we cant transfer anything, any sort of answer would help us "plan" our goals.
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    Dun dun dun...Chessy is broken!! I am kind of curious though @AtlanticRealtor why it’s just Chessy that’s broken and not the rest as well. Maybe the governors have gone to the King and demanding communist rule, and not let us off the island  :p
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    I am betting they are looking for dup-ed items and preventing the players who caused the Chessy crash from transferring any dup-ed items away from Chessy.
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    Looks like TimSt@ hit a nerve 
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    Idc what they’re looking for tbh. Just a response would be kosher.
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    I agree. It is rather lame that we are missing out on the Rarefest going on right now on ATL because we can't do transfers to or from Chesapeake.
  • following up the Conspiracy, rumors  I heard is that have something to do with Blaze Cu, someone did something on Chessy and they figured a way with something regarding Blaze Cu and this is the reason we seen this new "batch" of brand new "Cu's" available! , but like I said, rumors , conspiracy and we may never know!!   
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    can you not read?

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     No speaky de engrish mayB cuz won we3k ag0 nut jus reed @AtomicBetty
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    blaze cus have been duped forever with transfers timed specifically with crashes.  one of reasons id never buy one.  not as rare as the pricepoints people ask for them.

    im surprised this much information was given out, kinda encourages other potential dupers to try to find this specific bug.

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    RIP... @Kyronix ??? Help a brotha out..
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