Teleporter Engraving Tool

Could we please have one of these added?  Writing books up for all of the tiles just looks fugly.  Thanks for the consideration!!


  • Ezekiel_ZaneEzekiel_Zane Posts: 326
    edited May 2019

    Excellent idea!

  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    I use recall runes
  • CharGarCharGar Posts: 38
    Bilbo said:
    I use recall runes
    Same difference tho.  It would be so nice just to be able to engrave them.
  • GidgeGidge Posts: 426
    edited May 2019
    ooo, I like te idea of runes! This way if someone doesn't have access, they can recall there to the outside.  :open_mouth:
  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    It also makes it so much easier to change the location or move them without using charge of a engraving tool that most likely be a store product
  • I would use an engraving tool ! One that worked for all teleporters.bought or built in in the costumisation. 
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