How to make it on Siege Perilous

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Two weeks ago I have released the first part of an ongoing series of guides on how to make it on Siege Perilous with cheap gear on our public Siege discord server.

The first part of the series will focus on PvM dexxer templates.

I will keep publishing guides for PvM caster templates and tamer templates (+ their respective pet builds) and suit building guides.

All of the above will be tailored towards the Siege Perilous ruleset and will focus on cheap equipment as to give newcomers a chance to get established and lay the economic foundations to allow them to PvP one day.

Use this link to join the free public Siege Perilous discord server:


  • Max_BlackoakMax_Blackoak Posts: 620
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    Part 2 of "How to make it on Siege" is out - this time I'm focusing on caster templates. Scroll down the channels on the left side of the Siege discord server to find the guides. Enjoy!

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