Paladin, Samurai, Mystic -- overloaded?

I decided to modify a standard Samurai Paladin character.  He was building Resist Spells, but thinking if Chivalry's Remove Curse spell was useful, maybe the Resist could be replaced with something more active -- Mysticism.  How do you think this template looks?

Seeker, human male
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
105: Bushido, Parry
105: Chivalry, Mysticism
100: Mace, Tactics
100: Focus
-- attribs: 90d/70i/70s

(The original template had 120 Resist, and the other goals were all 100.)

Heck, since he has the Jack of All Trades characteristic, his "20" magery makes it worthwhile to carry even a fourth spell book. I won't be using it in battles, but Night Sight works every time, and Teleport will work within a few tries. Noticing the four spell books, I wondered -- is this build overloaded?

The one downside is that casting Mysticism spells (except Enchant) auto-disarms non-spell channeling weapons.  Once Mysticism reaches 80, Enchant will auto-set any weapon to channel spells for its duration.  (The duration at around 40 skill is a little over a minute.  Hopefully it increases as his Mysticism increases.)

Another post mentioned that the overall skill cap could go to 730 now, while the template above is based on 720.  How does one get to the maximal skill cap?
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  • ThalonThalon Posts: 61
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    Second question answered first. Players have a cap of 700 Skill points.  It increases by +5 for each year of subscription to a max of 720 on your 4th year/ 48th month

    Most players do not combine Magery/Mysticism casters with Weapon users. The reasoning is two fold:

    1) optimization of Strength/Dexterity/Intelligence
    i. Weapon users need high Stamina / Dexterity. At least 90 but 120 prefered.
    ii. Mysticism casters need a large Mana pool, that means high Intelligence, 100 to 120
    iii. That leaves you at about 40 points for Stregnth, which is really low.

    2) You have many abilities/spells that need your Mana to use all your abilities. You have Focus which will help your Mana Regenerstion. You will still drain your Mana quickly.

    - How do you plan to effectively use the character? Fight with your Mace or cast damage spells?
    - What do you plan to do with the character? Champspawns? Peerless? PvP?
    - You do not have an allotment for a 120 powerscroll for Macing so you plan to cast spells?
    - What equipment do you plan to equip?  Max Resists first, but after that LRC, Stamina, HCI?

    Also a suggestion, Test Center 1 server is active. You set Stats and Skills instantly on Test Server. Go try out the build.
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  • Arroth_ThaielArroth_Thaiel Posts: 1,033

    Skill cap related to account age was removed a couple of years ago, if I remember correctly.

    Now all characters, regardless of account age, have a skill cap of 720.

  • RockRock Posts: 567
    Thank you for the informative replies.  Thalon, I sensed that the attributes would be tight. That is part of why I asked if the build were "overloaded".  The mana cost would indeed be untenable if he planned to spam spells.  I see him primarily as a fighter, though, using spells and bushido moves to occasionally augment his prowess with a weapon. Armor bonuses will be critical, achieving some high balance of LRC, LMC, and Mana Regen. I'm not talking about maxing them all, just significantly benefiting from the combination.

    The original build goal was to build Resist Spells to 120, with all other skills at 100.  Now I had room to boost other skills, and raised four abilities by 5 above GM level. Being old-fashioned, I still think of grandmaster level as something significant. Maybe this distribution of the 20 extra points could have been better.

    I don't know what content this guy will be able to handle. Trying it out on TC seems wise. Forgetting the mana issue, there might be a significant problem concerning end-game content with depending on Remove Curse instead of the Resist Spells skill. I doubt this guy will PvP; it has never been much of an interest to me.

    Rock (formerly Imperterritus VXt, Baja)
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