What about the Fishing quests?

I think I read most everything at the forums but did I miss the info about the fishing quest upgrade and things related?
We have spooken about it before , how tedious and unrewarding the lobster trapping is, how the rewards dont match the effort..not least the baits with close to zero usefulness , the pies that cost too much to make with too short or low boost, not selling on our vendors.The hooks that gives little of interest . Charybdis..fun fight a few times but no reward exept one armor piece for the fisher, to put on a mannequin..ugly dark fish thophies most of them and wasnt there something about the lava lobster traps?
Anyhow we asked for more entertaining = lesser grind. There is a lot of time spent for every reward so we really need rewards that match the effort!
The consept for HS and the quests are great, The boats and how the quests are working is fine, and I enjoyed it for longer than most players but at the end even oh so stubborn me gave up. 
Is it time to talk about this now?


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    @Kyronix posted in this Thread https://forum.uo.com/discussion/3885/uo-timeline-for-2019-will-it-include-also-fishing-for-much-needed-new-content-additions-rework

    Kyronix said:
    Anything fishing related definitely won't be part of Forgotten Treasures (outside of SoS loot).

    Beyond that, fishing is a massive system that would eat up a huge amount of whatever publish it was in.  It's definitely on the radar for the next couple publishes, but the scope of it will range somewhere far short of "major revamp".

    So, hopefully, we will get some Love for Fishing during 2019 which it seems MUCH fitting, to me, since the current 2019 Timeline is a revamp of the High Seas expansion....

    One thing that I would LOVE to see, in a revamp for Fishing, for example, and it could be a "starting" point to give some new life and interesting content for Legendary Fishermen, could see the Legendary Fish :

    - Abyssal Dragonfish
    - Black Marlin
    - Blue Marlin
    - Dungeon Pike
    - Giant Samurai Fish
    - Golden Tuna
    - Kingfish
    - Lantern Fish
    - Rainbow Fish
    - Seeker Fish
    - Spring Dragonfish
    - Stone Fish
    - Winter Dragonfish
    - Zombie Fish

    Be made possible to yield more then just a Trophy....

    For example, the Developers could make these Fish be made possible to be cut in steaks and pies or other eatables to be made from them (more work for Cooking and other Skills, for example Alchemy if drinks could be made from them distilling the juice from the steaks....) which were to provide good and longer lasting BUFFS for characters and also for pets..... of course, being Legendary "rare" Fish hard to be caught and requiring a Legendary 120 Fisherman skill, they should be significant Buffs for quite lengthy times....

    I think that such an addition would provide some usefullness for Legendary Fishermen to fish them up, for Chefs or Alchemists and perhaps other skills, to prepare those pies, drinks etc. and then for Warriors to benefit from those buffs !!

    Furthermore, FINALLY fishermen would have a reason to use up their baits to fish up all of those Legendary Fish !!

    As of now, instead, unfortunately, Legendary fish once made into a Trophy its game over...

    How many same Trophies does one need of a given type of Legendary fish ??

    I think that it is necessary to make what Legendary Fishermen can exclusively fish be more usefull and usable as to become mere Trophies....
  • For me its not about new content,we got alot this year already,  "just" make whats there more fun and rewarding.
     The quests gives the fisher PS but they are rare atleast the high one and even if its cool to be Leg Fisher its not of much use for what we can see. It needs to mean something . Then if the charybdis encounter will be made popular ..its about as hard to get the oracle reward needed to fish for Charybdis. Even the baits needed are rare. I got three oracles most got none. But i swear I only got a bait once.Five charges. The oracle lasts forever but to fiish up Charybdis sometimes you need 5-10 charges and the reward bait has five charges. 
    Im in a very active guild so we do a Charybdis now and then when we want to show it for new members, its so different from evrtything else.  We manage with the baits we have from the first years of HS. For this all we get is an armor piece dropped on the fisher. There are three sets with different look..plate, bone and one more. They sit on a mannequin in the guild room ... The crew needed for this fight gets nothing!
    The rest of the rewards dont give us much to hope for. We get stone pavers from one of the hooks and some barnacle covered paintings. (Hued different from the noemal MiB loot ones). And tons of lava lobster traps..not sure for what. And baits as I said that doesnt give anything most of the time. I have thousands and thousands of charges and have dumped as much for trash points. I dont say the PS and charybdis stuff should be common , but if the rest of the "rewards" we fish up on the way to get them was nice, and not just a huge grind to catch all the fish and crustacheans causing frustration ..it would be revitaliseing.
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    Fishing is a big thing - but small tweaks would make a big difference
    The next publish is 'forgotten foes' if I remember right. There's none more forgotten than Charybdis, simply because it's so darn hard to get the Oracle and the bait.   I have trained 3 fishers to 120 skill, including getting their own scrolls. One of them was on Siege, yet I have never gotten the Oracle of the sea even once.  I have managed to get a grand total of 10 charybdis bait. 2 pots of 5.

    My suggestions, such as they are, 
    1. tweak the drop rate of oracle and relevant bait upwards
    2. set a cut-off point for book drops. Fish orders come in quantities of 10, then 15 then 20. Stop the books dropping when the fisher graduates from 10s to 15s
    3. Scrap lava lobster pots, or make it possible to catch something in them. There is no 'game play' in watching a static pot for 10 minutes until it disappears.
    4. Allow training fishers to gain from dungeon fishing, reaching 120 fishing is really hard when the hardest fishing you can do shows as 'very easy' on the crystal ball of knowledge.
    5. Phase out un-named crabs and lobsters as skill gains, in the same way as 'a fish' is phased out.
    6. Persuade Samuel at the sea market to drop his prices a bit, and maybe set up a franchise elsewhere to make fish pies more viable.  I do use them, but many don't because the ingredients don't stack, are expensive and have to be fetched from Sea Market.
  • Very well written Petra. I was almost full time fish questing for a long time and got max Two 120s and One from binding. Three oracles and that was sensational I think .  Just One bait. They are all 5 charges. I got baits from others when they gave up on the whole thing and never got an Oracle, so we still have for some guild hunts . I wish the baits actually worked most all the time as they are so rare. (Even Scalis can be a pain with the RNG  and many nets get wasted) Even the normal reward baits doesnt work as they should. Thoose are what you get most of the time and fishers told they didnt get anything or some other rare fish they didnt use the bait for.... Could need some tweaking for sure. Oh one more thing..The fisher suit from clean up points.. what does it do really?
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    Adding my voice to those hoping the devs revisit Fishing in at least a passing way, maybe with a look towards more substantial tweaking later on. 

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    I support this thread %200
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    ^^^ what he said!
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