Give me a brief overview...

So it's been 4 years since I last logged in and haven't really paid much attention to the game. So pretend I am a newbie and tell me what is different in the game since I last played in


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    First a question, which client are you using now and then? A lot of the changes I've noticed are in ease of play and they depend on you client of choice.

    The other main thing is the Taming revamp. A long term Pirate event now going on and a Treasure hunting revamp in test mode at the moment.

    Things that haven't changed are the "which client is better" and "the power scroll PvP verse PvM" fights.

    Welcome back
  • So I have always played on the old client, not sure that will change. I play a thief on Siege so Trammel changes shouldn't affect me (I hope)
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    Ahhh... you scoundrel you!

    Welcome home.

    First, there is a whole thing happening with treasure hunting. I strongly suggest getting over to TC and play around there.

    I believe Eodon would be completely new to you. New land, new quests, new loots, new "tribes". 

    For your sanity, play TC a bit before jumping into it with your toon.

    Skills and such haven't changed much, altho the THunting skill set is being changes (no more mining, but need remove trap).

    Can't think of much else right now - my brain is still numb from testing t-hunting. 
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    Ok Classic Client thief on Siege sorry I can't help you there. Other then thief skills are being integrated more into T hunting so as Kirthag said head over to TC1 and take a look. I lobbying to let thieves at the chest with out killing the gaudians. High risk thieving.

    But I think the taming will all be new to you. I usually play my tamer so trying to think of what else has changed in game. I now hunt greater dragons for leather with a blue beetle.

    Once again welcome back I don't know about Siege but anywhere else give a holler on General chat usually someone will be willing to help or just chat. Especially on Pac.
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    Rico, among other things, you really should know that we now have recipe books.

    Oh, and UO is still fun on Siege.

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    Welcome back! Barter Town is making a come back, be sure to stop in and say hello.

    Mariah's link pretty much says it all, but here's a few highlights and a Siege perspective:

    In the past 4 years:

    ALL accounts (including yours if you did not have it before, and accounts created now) include the Stygian Abyss expansion.

    Time of Legends came out in late 2015. New lands, new quests, new bosses. ''The Roof'' is currently where the action is for many Siege players. Depending on when you last paid your account in 2015, you might have ToL as there was a promotion that granted it to every active account at the time. An important game mechanic that requires ToL is Masteries.

    Endless Journey is an unlimited time free trial that replaced the 2 week trial. There are a lot of restrictions, but players can enjoy sample-sized portions of everything UO has to offer, for as long as they want, without subscribing. This has impacted the ''one character'' rule on Siege. Trial accounts that were never paid were not converted to EJ, but you can fire up any other dormant accounts. If you do, tho, read up first. You won't be able to re-mount a giant beetle, for starters, so don't dismount if you decide to check it out.

    There was a pretty big overhaul to the BOD system. New BOD skills, new rewards. BOD books can be used while locked down, instead of having to make room in our backpack.

    Taming got revamped and is pretty much amazing imo because now there is a much larger variety of powerful pets instead of just Greater Dragons everywhere. You can find people taming pets in a lot more places, as well as training them. Pets can have power scrolls applied to them, which has created some interesting value fluctuation for the scrolls, and more people doing the champion spawns to get the scrolls. There is a non-transferable token from the store that increases max stable count (per character).

    A new champion spawn was added, in Khaldun Dungeon. Not many people on Siege run it because it is very challenging for the same PS as a rat spawn, but the boss always drops a few Costumes. A store item can permanently bond a costume to a totem, which not only frees up your hand slot but blesses the costume on Siege. These are especially fun when worn by gargoyles. Expect to see players looking a bit different on occasion.

    Each publish for the past year or so has had a housing contest with it. There are a lot more styles of Castles and Keeps to choose from, so the landscape of Siege looks a bit different.

    There are a lot of other changes, but this post probably already exceeds the request of ''brief overview''. Our devs have been busy!
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