The big T-Hunting loot nerf of 2019

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So ist this loot on TC going to stay?

Please compare a level 6 map currently on prodo with the same map on TC1, it's pretty obvious it is a major nerf. Less items, some no longer spawning at all in there. This can't be right!

Please also look what T-Hunter here say:

They all say the loot is worse, and that does not only mean item properties. And I've been on TC personally and can agree the only option if this goes live is to find some other hobby.

I got a full locker of 6 and 7 maps, and they will all be worthless. The idea to force us doing low level maps with Mongbats is insulting. Just put a clicky in Haven to give us SoTs and all the stuff we no longer find in high level maps.

Just a troll who got told by lesser trolls (moderator classification)


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    There are several feedback threads already available.
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