last thoughts on issue with high seas.

i know we have moved on from ships and cannons.
but one thing i like is that cannons are now 50 to fix but that doesnt address the issue i 
and am sure others are having with the cannons. which is they break to fast.
having to repair a cannon after scuttling only 2 ships or risk it breaking 
and now loosing all that ammo if the cannon does break while still holding ammo fuses and powder charges inside it significantly compounds the issue of the cannon breaking not simplifying it.


  • PawainPawain Posts: 4,885
    Put a +60 Smith Ancient hammer in your hand while repairing.

    I noticed that cannons with nothing in the container do not wear.  Cannons with anything in the container will wear when the ship is hit.
  • lkatana0011lkatana0011 Posts: 42
    thats not the issue.  ive been hunting ships not beacons.
    i am able to sit aft of the ships and shoot them with out ever getting hit
    and the cannon i am firing is the one taking damage not the ones that im not using
    thats the issue scuttle 2 ships and then you cant use that cannon again or risk it getting destroyed when trying to scuttle the 3rd ship.  you litterly have to switch to another cannon and use that one for the next 2 ships and so on.  im saying 2 ships then the cannon is heavily damaged is bloody crazy it should last a couple days of hunting taking on 4-8 ships an hr or more for those 2 days.  you shouldnt have to go to shore every 10 ships to fix your tokuno ship cannons or every 14 ships to fix your garg or orc ship cannons.

    and besides ships dont shoot back and they never fixed that fact despite me telling them that that got broken years ago.
    you can attack any pirate ship or merchant ship and they will never deploy cannons, never enter combat mode and never shoot back so your cannons will never take damage while hunting other ships only the beacons will shoot at you and i do solo so dont go after beacons.  so the only damage my cannons take is from use 

    and from use only after 2 ships the cannons are heavily damaged just from shooting them.  thats the issue i wish they would address.  

    that and make the bloody ships shoot back.  i dont mind simi free resources and such but it gets boring as hell when there is 0 resistance to me sailing up and blowing the hell out of them with my cannons and them just standing there on the deck going thats odd sounds like thunder but i dont see any clouds..................

  • PawainPawain Posts: 4,885
    edited May 2019
    I agree the cannon does wear by 24 shots.  I use 2 spots in Zento,  Both are a short distance to an Island or land.  I have lost a cannon with >80 of each item inside so I repair often.
  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,275
    Katana are you using two cannons at once?
    I have done three merchants before having to do repairs

    Also I believe they said during testing that content, that the ships were doing more damage to our ships than we could do to them... so I'm glad they stopped them from firing at us... but if you really want to fight the merchants, use grapeshot against the gargoyles... but be prepared to die, cause they are excellent shots with their bows
  • lkatana0011lkatana0011 Posts: 42
    no i use 1  cannon at a time.  
    use one cannon tell its like heavily damaged then switch to a new cannon.
    now as for the ships doing damage to our ships i take 0 ship damage when hunting merchant ships because they never fire back and i cant remember but not sure the pirates are firing back either so where is the fun / chalange
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