Kyronix, a thought about the puzzle situation....

Arroth_ThaielArroth_Thaiel Posts: 518
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I freely admit I haven't read all the proposals in the other threads. My angst allotment has been fulfilled. If this has been mentioned before, apologies.

You all designed the bulk order deed system a couple years ago and put in that automatic banking option thingy. You know, double click the deed, get the cursor, target the deed, get the gump, choose automatic banking or not. Any chance you could apply that to Remove Trap?

Double click a trap kit, target trap kit, get gump, tick the box/untick the box for "Automatically Solve Puzzles?"

People who like puzzles get the option to complete them, additional skill checks, your entire skill training system stays in place, puzzles stay on chests, the awesome slider art can stay in, the publish can stay relatively intact and on schedule. People who don't like puzzles get the Stash/Supply/Cache RT mechanic, the t-hunt system stays consistent, the familiar Old School UO use skill-target cursor-success/fail-system message-skill check process remains.

Best of all, you guys don't have to redo all the work that you've put into this. Puzzles would basically just be an overlay for more interactive gameplay for the people who enjoy them and it could be used whenever a player felt like it. Skill train, don't skill train, autosolve for speed during group hunts, etc.

Anyway, just a thought.


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