Must be untrapped using Remove Trap.

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Tell me that this is not true, tell me that you are NOT putting remove trap a requirement for opening treasure chest?  Is this only dungeon chests??  Not Treasure chest?/ If so you are killing the Tamer template for a t hunter.
Remove Trap = Bad News
Treasure Hunters


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    Please read the threads in the test center forum for clarification on this issue.
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    Everyone seems to be developing some sort of panic mode failure to read disease on the forums... sadly this is pretty normal...

    Remove Trap is one of the most fun, yet undervalued unexploited skills ingame.

    + It looks like they are fixing the unhide issue when you remove a trap - at last, definitely something I've waited for uncountable years for now.

    + It looks like they are giving Remove Trap more purpose. Good luck to the Dungeon Rogues, the Lockpickers, The Remove Trappers, the "WHO?!" I hear you cry.

    They are converting T Chests from 7 levels to 5 - the given reasoning being - 7 levels was too difficult to maintain a sensible definition between loot levels. This makes 100% sense. The game started with 5 T Chests levels. As with many area's, you expand, and expand, but it gets too difficult to maintain, and eventually you have to rationalise what you have to make it make more sense and easier to run. UO has this problem in most of its gaming systems, so this should be a welcome step back, and rationalisation.

    They asked how players like to play T-Maps. I personally like to Solo. Some liked to Group them. They took that on board. Levels 1-3 will be for solo players like myself [And will NOT need Remove Trap] - I am already collecting and storing as many Felucca lvl 5's as possible (which will become lvl 3 soloable), and All-round lvl 6 T-Maps (which will become lvl 4 Group), then the Ultra Rare lvl 5 groups will be equivalent to lvl 7's - which I've never seen anyway, will probably never see, and don't really care. They have stated the Loot levels will be fairly even throughout most of these, so you are not really losing or gaining depending on playstyle.

    What they are "Forcing" or "Giving the Option of" depending on perspective - is a balanced ability within the T Hunting function to go solo, or go as a group - {Win-Win} as far as I can see for Gameplay. If you go in the group scenario, it makes complete sense to take a proper fullscale Rogue to deal with the Treasure Chests.

    I will personally be soloing most of this content up to lvl 3 on my T Hunting Tamer, but if we do a guild hunt on the higher levels, my Rogue will have a welcome fun day out.

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