Fel Champs

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Thinking I would like to get in on some Fel Champs.  I used to be really good at running spawns, but I am pretty rusty now.  Anybody out there that has a group that does them that wouldn't mind me tagging along?

On a side note, do people still crash champs?  After doing a dozen or so in tram rule set it seems like it is actually a lot more effort now to organize and crash a champ to take scrolls than it would be just to power through one in 20 minutes?  I remember in the old days fighting for an hour or more over a spawn, now they seem so easy.


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    From what I read when you see a VvV player show up you can count on getting crashed soon afterwards.  This is on ATL, im sure other shards prob get crashed way less.
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    If you get on during prime-time hours, you'll find the raiders and the crashers.  It's usually a guild battle between several guilds all trash talking to each other in Gen chat.

    Although, there are certain hours of the day and night when you can go to Despise and find pretty friendly people just hanging and farming and being quite respectful.

    I love those times.
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    Your three options are essentially a) attempt spawns during off hours and attempt to finish them before a crash, b) join a spawning guild, or c) spawn on a dead shard and transfer the scrolls.
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