Essence of Air - Thursday May 9th 9PM EDT

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Keepers from the little mountain top village have become prey. Men from scouting parties crawling back up the mountain stripped of their powers and unable to fly themselves on the air currents back to their home. Tales of a green eyed stranger trapping them and stealing the essence of air and robbing them of their ability to bend and mold the air currents and harness the power. Just today Zurri’s own Father and betrothed were found trying to navigate the mountains by foot and failing. After the loss of their power the men slowly wither away and let themselves pass on. Most men choose to take their own lives so as not to burden the village. Zurri could not watch the two strong men in her life make that same choice.

Zurri stood upon the sky bridge staring down into the jagged peaks and deep valleys below her. As she felt the wind dry the tears upon her cheeks she leapt to her demise. Hurtling down, the wind howling in her ears she threw her arms out to embrace death. Zurri felt the power of air start to seep from her control, trying to slow her decent, trying to save her. Clamping down on her powers Zurri refused to let it stop the end from coming. To die was better than being powerless. 

Zurri could not stop the essence of air. Foolish of her to try, she felt the wind like helping hands brush against her before grabbing tight and slowing her free fall. Coming to a complete stop just several feet from the valley floor Zurri let out an angry howl of pain before dropping to the ground and having the breath knocked from her lungs. After a moment Zurri slowly pushed herself to hands and knees trying to drag air into her lungs. Wiping sand and small gravel from her face, Zurri looked around the small ravine and turned walking straight into a dark hooded man with strange glowing green eyes….

Meet at Serpent Warriors Guild - Gates will be provided from Luna, Brit and New Haven

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