What ever happened to the stable list update?

I once read at a meet and greet, they liked the idea of the stable list showing an icon of the creature, so we don't have to call our pets "frost dragon" etc. But that was a long time ago.


  • Lady_StormLady_Storm Posts: 400
    As with all good things they come to those who wait.   Actually the Dev have a very extensive list of Ideas, changes, additions and small bugs that would take in our mind a few minutes of coding time.. but in actuality would be a lot more in time. They have a regular publish time line and must try to adhear to it.  One must understand they want to do the fixes and additions but can only do so much as time in the day permit.
  • ZamotZamot Posts: 55
    I started a stable vendor in The Market area( forget exact name of that place).  When you bring up the transfer from stable menu you get a pet description of what the pet is, Dragon, Knightmare, ect.  This helps alot.  So the code seems to be there just not where most people would use it.  I know it is always easier on the player end.
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