Swords Mastery

LynkLynk Posts: 124
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These masteries are pretty poor compared to other weapon masteries, though it is possible I have wrong information.

My understanding is that Focused Eye just gives added hit chance (max of 30) but does not offer any benefit over 45 HCI cap.  Is my understanding correct?  This costs a lot of mana especially compared to lightning strike which caps your HCI at 45 regardless of how much HCI you have.  Lightning strike also costs like 5 mana after lmc per successful hit amd has critical hit chance.  Im not suggesting let people go 30 hci above cap but perhaps scale it down to 10% at max skill level and allow above cap.

Onslaught offers little value in PvP as it lowers resists not the cap.  With the legendaries out there everyone has well over capped resists and it becomes useless in PvP.  Can this be adjusted to lower cap?
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