Is PvP broken? Or is it doing just fine?

Been hearing some arguments from both sides on this. Curious on some opinions.

I think some 3rd party stuff is definitely a problem with targeting, and scripting, and speed hacking.

But there are also the issues of PvP mechanics, and also incentives for a sustainable system to make it more fun. I know this has been talked about a lot. Just wanted to talk some more to see if anyone has a new opinion or insight. 


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    PvP is surprisingly sort of ok.

    I am engaging in a lot of PvP on Atlantic and Europa.

    3rd party programs do dominate now, but now it isn't a case of just a few using them to dominate the masses, now the masses are using them, which has levelled the playing field...

    It has got to a point, where Broadsword may as well legitimise the usage of the various 3rd party programs, or build them into the game anyway.

    By the way - I still don't use anything, but I see what everyone else is using, I witness it all day everyday, I know what is being used.

    One thing that could really be balanced off still in my opinion, I've said it for years - Dismount Gank is too much of an "I IWIN" button - it needs to be toned down somehow. It ruins the flow of a good fight.

    What would help still, would be better VvV rewards.

    And upgraded loot on Champ spawn bosses and Harry.

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