All Peerless need a loot boost

They are fun to do, but loot wise are pretty bad. 


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    First lets see what the devs think a loot boost is in T Chests.

    What useless skill are you wanting to make us use when we fight peerless? Camping?
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  • FreelsyFreelsy Posts: 70
    This was brought up a couple weeks ago and they responded. They asked specifically what you'd like to see upgraded. They also said general terms like "upgrade loot" doesn't help them formulate ideas.

    What would you like to see upgraded about the loot?
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    I'd be curious how often any of the peerless' (ML/SA) are done on a weekly basis game-wide.

    I'd be willing to bet (excluding EM Event mob templates & Navrey) that they're done less than 50x a week game-wide.    it's 100% becasue the loot is f***ing horrible.    I mean, you get the same exact loot quality from the mobs you're required to kill to access most of these peerless'... the only things you can't get from the "quest mobs" are the bosses special pre-made artifacts... and the vast majority of those need to be updated as well.

    Anyway,  the average loot quality needs to be increased substantially on ML peerless especially.
      you shouldn't consistently have an average of ~30 items at "Greater Magic Item" quality with almost no Greater, Major, Legendary artifacts at all.    The average should be somewhere around ~15-20 items with Lesser Artifacts & Greater Artifacts being the average quality found on boss level mobs.

    Remove or change casting focus & poison immunity it reduces the need for "Player Skill" it's garbage. rant2 Bring timing back and eliminate chance in pvp!
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  • PawainPawain Posts: 9,230
    I have pretty much stopped because the High Seas events.  But we would do Dread, Mel at least 4 times a week, Medusa 2 a week.  Ive never got a CC and yet to get a Dreadhorn head I can mount. We do Travesty at least once week for community hunts.

    I can not recall any item I have kept other than deco or craft talis.

    Loot needs upgraded by someone who understands what good loot is.  
    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
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