What's with the Britain Library collection NPCs?

BasaraBasara Posts: 163
At least on Lake Austin.

Each area of the Library has TWO NPCs for the same collection.

While YOUR points are the same no matter which you check, THEIR points are SEPARATE. So, if people are randomly donating to both NPCs for an area, it will effectively take TWICE as many points to get to a decorated library than it should, because you could end up putting 19 million points (9 million more than what it should take) on them in the form of 9.5 million on each, and still be 500,000 point short on both of them from activating the library's decoration in that area. 

I also wish that the points would be shared by account/shard (like banked gold) for each, instead of each character having their own - some characters it is easier to donate with than others.
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