Problems on test center thunting

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1. 3 chests in a row, I've found the spot but chest won't spawn and I keep getting the message "You're already digging"
2. GM carto keep getting msg that I need more time to decode a map
3. I thought remove trap was going to be an extra, but telekinesis turns the whole chest to dust (I haven't been able to dig up a chest to test this, but people keep complaining about it in general chat, so it's apparently par for course)


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    1. Is being looked into - more information as to how you arrived in that state would be helpful.  Did you move during digging? Did you cast?
    2. We are looking into this issue as well.
    3. Nothing related to Remove Trap, Traps, Telekenesis, is finalized.  What you see won't resemble the final implementation at all.  For now use the test center commands to set your RT & DH skills to remove the trap.
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    1. I didn't get the message that you usually get you move while digging, so I don't think I moved once I started digging.
    Did I cast? Yes, as a mystic, I always hit the "fly" macro, cast a rising colossus and then pre-cast invisibility while digging up the chest 
     2 and 3 - OK
    Thanks for your attention
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    Multiple people have had similar issues with the already digging bug/glitch. Most often people report they were casting or precasting a spell as the chest was being dug up. The chest appears without guardians and can be looted immediately (after picking de-trapping). That map does not show as completed. I do not know if the other maps do, as this happened on my VERY FIRST chest (precasting invis). 
     I and many other potential testers are currently stuck without a way to test since our character has this issue. logging, closing the game, switching facet, using stuck, removing the map from inventory do nothing for correcting this issue. Nor does daily restart, or even the second restart that (I think) happened today on test. I really would like to test some maps, but I am still 10+ hours before I can Char copy again. I understand I could make an EJ hunter and xfer everything over, but I am not sure if there is a GIVE high seas option. I guess I could place a house, then create another on the main account, but transferring my animals to a new toon is quite a bit of headache.
    if our characters cannot be helped then at least a message that there is nothing to do for them right now would be a considerate way to help alleviate the frustration.
    I do not know if my ticket from last night is still in queue, but I placed another this morning and have not heard back from a GM on this issue. 

    If this issue can be resolved with a physical special item placed in the commons please do that ( so you can work and we can just fix ourselves). If it cannot, for whatever reason, please let the testers know what is being done so that we are not hanging out hoping for the best. I have been super eager since first reading about the treasure changes, but this has left me more deflated than elated for sure. 
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    I'm in the same boat - caught in the "you're still digging" loop and unable to dig up any chest - except my chest never appeared at all - I hit the"fly" macro, cast rising colossus and then precast invisibility while digging
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    The issue related to the getting stuck in the digging loop should have been resolved since the last TC1 update - if you have a bugged character you will have to recreate them on TC unfortunately.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

    In an effort to aggregate feedback in a single place going to close this discussion.  Please use the new discussion on this update
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