Perma grey and making Forensics useful

I know it has been discussed before. But, doesn't seem like it has come up in a while. And beating dead horses is what we UO players do best...soooo...

Any chance of bringing back perma grey? Someone recently brought it to my attention that it is rather unfair how us thieves can steal from people but it is a criminal act to retaliate. This is especially the case for 1-stone items like scrolls, where there is really no chance of being "noticed" and turning grey. The old perma grey system would make it so victims could defend themselves against us without fear of being attacked by fellow blues. If you're a thief you should be for this. Every proper thief prefers a challenge and a good chase. If you dislike thieves you should be for this, obviously. Seems like its something that works for just about everyone.

Forensic Eval can/could reveal that a player was in the thieves guild. A suggestion I've heard that I find interesting is the idea that using Forensic Eval on a person in the thieves guild would also flag that thief grey and make them openly attackable. That would be great! More people trying to kill us and also adding an extra layer of thief protection at public events.

Kryonix, I know you've wanted to show thieves some love before. This would be awesome for us! And awesome for our victims! Awesome! :D


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