Trick with dress macros?

I had a previous issue with Arm macros resetting every time I logged out, posted about it here and someone let me know to not delete the record macro and it will stick.  That worked but now Im having a similar issue with dress macros.

I have 3 dress macros.  All three I have the record dress macros saved.  The macro for dress 3 works the others do not.  It works if i delete and rerecord the macros until I close client.  I truple checked my macros and im not duplicating any of the hot keys .I checked UOAssist and it isnt in use there.  The hotkeys are numbers and I can see the keypresses show up where you type so I know the key presses are going through.  

Is there some other weird rule with multiple dress macros?  Like the order in which the macros are saved or something?


  • UrgeUrge Posts: 589

    Numberpad? I have never had an in game macro work using it.

    Also if you make a macro and play until you crash it doesn't seem to save.

  • LynkLynk Posts: 124
    edited April 2019
    Well it works with number pad originally.  I cant say with 100% confidence that I closed client and reopened without crashing so I'll try that and will also try with a non number pad key.
  • SuperfrogSuperfrog Posts: 59
    I know that if you do not actually hit “log out” in the EC, any macro, option changes are not saved. If you just hit the x and close it any other way your changes are not saved, so it may be the same for the CC. 
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