New Bug? Lost a dozen items from my backpack after scalis

I worked scalis for two hours on ATL tonight. had about a dozen items from it. I went home, started to drop off a couple items, my backpack crashed / closed and then suddenly my items were all gone. ANyone else seen this happen? I logged in and out, still nothing.


  • PawainPawain Posts: 9,230
    There was a revert for Atlantic I heard.  Oopsy
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  • crunchnastycrunchnasty Posts: 241
    doesnt make any sense... the items that made it into my chest are still there. 
  • crunchnastycrunchnasty Posts: 241
    this happened like 30 mins ago... the shard was down much earlier than that
  • crunchnastycrunchnasty Posts: 241
    not to mention the shard didnt go down when this happened.... im still playing, the gold from scalis is still here too
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