Fishing and Huntsmaster Tournament for April

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Greetings everyone - Again we find ourselves back here for another attempt at the heaviest fish.  Thank you everyone who has been participating thus far.  This month was are going to warm things up a bit with the Lava Fish, which can be found in the dungeon abyss.  Yes you guessed the lava.  Requirements are you will need a lava proof hook to fish up this guy.  Lots of safe locations to fish at so dont be afraid to give it a shot.

We are going to try something new this month.  The Huntsmaster offers a variety of animals to be mounted so I would like to give this a try as well for those who do not have a fisher.  Lets try the Gray Wolf.  Please buy a deed and go slay a Gray wolf to record your kill.  This will be limited to 1 entry per person so save up and turn in your heaviest when you have the one you are happy with.  I will take the first one you turn in.  Please turn in at the same location as the fishing tournament.  Map Below. Must be caught in April for credit

Again Heaviest Fish and Gray Wolf wins.  Any questions please let me know
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