Love me some classic client - please give love to Classic @Devs

Just love the nostalgia from classic. Really could use some more love since its so old, are there any plans to give classic a boost? I like the art style much better in classic, but EC does have some benefits as well. If only there were a way to make classic better so EC wasn't even necessary. 


  • crunchnastycrunchnasty Posts: 241
    Also, there are some things in EC where the art looks better, but a lot of the MOBS look unattractive and clunky
  • MariahMariah Posts: 3,019Moderator
    There have been several additions to the classic client over the past several publishes. As a fairly new returner are you aware of them?

    January 2017 saw the addition of the new game window sizes, since then there have been the 'block war on' options, enable large gumps, block dismount in war mode, auto open corpses, record dress & dress macro, record arm & arm macro, a 'use object' macro, 6 sound filters, an option to disable flying animations, enable legible journal

    @everyone, please add any I've forgotten.
  • crunchnastycrunchnasty Posts: 241
    @Mariah I was referring more to the user interface / artwork and effects. I like the classic art style, but some of the environmental / special effects of EC look better. Although i hate the paper doll and pixie animations on EC. But yes it is good that some of the functionality of CC has been matched to EC
  • crunchnastycrunchnasty Posts: 241
    Or the alternative is make EC artwork more in line with CC i dont know just spitballin
  • crunchnastycrunchnasty Posts: 241
    FOr example the way water looks in EC is really cool.
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