Minoc Market on the Square

NyreNyre Posts: 49
Attention all Merchants and Citizens of Britannia, Come join us on Friday April 12th at 6:00 PM EST to Friday April 12th 9:00 PM EST to sell and buy your wares at the newly decorated Square in Minoc. During the Sale there will also be an Archery contest for all those Archers wanting to show off their skill. There is no cost to enter the market or the archery contest. Just plain old fun. 

1st Place Winner gets 10 Million Gold
2nd Place Winner gets 5 Million Gold
3rd Place Winner gets 2.5 Million Gold

Archery Contest Rules
Head to head competition where loser gets eliminated and Winner advances to next round. 

Each Player will shoot the Archery Butte 5 times with the highest score wins and moves on to next round. 

In event of a tie there will be a 3 shot Tie breaker highest score of the 3 shots wins and moves on. 

No Imbued or player crafted bows are to be used just NPC Bought non exceptional Regular bows are to be used. Bows will be provided at the event.

Yours Truly

Nyre Lars

Governor of Minoc
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