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So I'm having a bit of an issue right now, I have most of my characters (and all my history) on Europa, including my house for nostalgic reasons. Unfortunately Europa is quite inactive right now and I wish to play on Atlantic but can't really bring myself to do it due to having no ability  to place a house there (except for paying for a 2nd account, which I do not want to do). I believe more people feel the same way, they still want their house on their "home" shard but maybe want to play on another server as well, and the game kind of requires you to own a house for multiple reasons.

So I was thinking of a good way to solve this without crowding everything with too many houses. So basically my idea is to change pretty much nothing with the current housing system; you are only allowed 1 freely customizable house (up to castle size)/account HOWEVER on the UO store there will be a house token for sale for every shard (sellable token) example "Atlantic House Token". This lets you place one of the older non-custom houses up to either "Two-story log cabin" or "Small stone tower" in size. You can use one of these / account on every server. So still only 1 additional smaller house per server.

I think this is a good middle ground and will not only make more money for UO but also keeps players happy and being able to play more actively on more servers.



  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    Nice idea but what price do you plan on selling this item for and how long does this token last and how long do you think it will take for every shard to look like SP, I give it 3 months.
  • DimmanDimman Posts: 3
    Bilbo said:
    Nice idea but what price do you plan on selling this item for and how long does this token last and how long do you think it will take for every shard to look like SP, I give it 3 months.

    My idea would be for it to cost the same as a super char token, about 2500-3000 coins. It will follow the same rules as other houses, so you need to be subscribed and will go IDOC the same way as other houses if u stop paying the monthly.

    I dont think there's a risk for servers to get too crowded as you can only place the smaller ones and there are TONS of empty spots on many servers.

    If you want to see something sad, make a char on Europa and walk around in Malas outside of Luna, like cross the bridge and walk around for awhile. Basically 0 houses around. All those islands for example; completely empty.
  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    And SP thought the same thing
  • AtomicBettyAtomicBetty Posts: 258
    I think additional housing should be a veteran account perk. Every 10 years you are allowed to place an additional house on a separate server from the one your currently on. (also change the rules of siege housing so that it counts towards your bonus house was a huge mistake opening up house placement there)

    So those lucky enough to have 20 year old accounts would have the ability to own 3 Houses.
  • FreelsyFreelsy Posts: 70
    As a long time Siege veteran, I'd say be careful what you wish for. A few years back we thought it would help bring people to our lands, and it did, but only temporarily. Yet their houses still remain to this day. Many premium spots are blocked. Luna houses have "contact ***** on ATL for sale" on their house sign.

    Unless you implement a mandatory refresh system for additional houses, empty plots will fill your lands.
  • There's not enough players left to fill all the plots if each account could place two houses anywhere.  The Siege Perilous plan had it's time.  It failed. 

    If players could place their second house on their home shard or any other production shard it would even out with the exception of Atlantic.
  • DimmanDimman Posts: 3
    I don't think over-crowding would be an issue with these houses as its just smaller plots which will be fairly expensive, not that many people will be looking to buy and place these I believe.

    Also to protect castle/keep spots, maybe they shouldn't be placeable on Trammel/Fel.
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