UWSP Town Market

MagichandsMagichands Posts: 139
Howdy Siege Citizens !
In last days we made some changes at our Market in UWSP Town, so now you can find more free public service for all :
- A Rune Library with many atlas
- A Repair Bench with repair deed for most of skills
- An Auction Safe for our auction
- A chest of sending 
- All kind of teleports and teletiles for the 2 major hub
- A Davies' Locker
- Dye tubes

And of course, as usually, Vendors !


A little reminds to all: i'm always comprehensive with everyone and so i try to never ban someone from the market because i like that everyone can enter in our market.
But if someone will break the rule to don't kill and steal inside the market , will be banned from it 

Hope to see you in our market 
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