Renegade Changelings

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I used to be able to solo level seven Ilshenar maps with a Greater Dragon and some patience/effort... but the last several months at least... whenever a Renegade Changeling spawns, they'e bloody near impossible to fight. Can barely nick their healthbars.

According to a guildmate who just lored one of the ones we'r currently trying to fight, it has over 2k+ hp. I can't remember them ever having that much before, nor have I found anything saying they've been updated...

Have they been beefed, or was something done that just completely broke them?


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    Changelings are pretty mean.  But thats 10X more HP than normal.  The ones in Sanctuary or by the Cus are just 200ish HP.

    I do hate it when a paragon Irk hops the wall while you are taming Cus.
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    These are the special Renegades that spawn in level 7 maps. They'e tougher, but I don't remember them being as hard as they have been recently. Definitely not paragon, unless we were just unlucky and both were... but they were just nasty.

    I'm not positive, but it seems to have been since the pet revamp that they've gotten so hard.
  • I have a sneaking suspicion that you got two paragon's in a row. This has happened to me. (Actually, I got 2 on one chest, at the same time. *Shivers*) It was a couple years ago (2016), so I know these have been around since long before the pet revamp.

    Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Good luck!

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