Earth - Thursday March 21st 9PM EDT

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Lili knelt and dug her fingers into the newly turned earth. Pushing her fingers deep into the soil and reaching out with the essence of earth; Lili tried to coax life towards the newest seedlings.  Exhausted and ready to collapse Lili cried out with the effort. The essence was failing and close to exhausted. For weeks now crops had become wilted and frail. The new seeds were not thriving and many were showing no signs of life at all. Several givers lay in the field, their final strength poured into the earth beneath them. Lili gave a final groan and fell to the side. Thoughts of starvation and death coming to the village all that kept her from slipping into a deep sleep. Thinking about the group of travelers that came passing through and wishing they had not welcomed them. The travelers came telling of great battles coming to the land and their quest to assist with the fire keepers. Lili's father, the chief of their village, welcomed them in and offered them food and shelter before they continued on their journey. The morning after the travelers left is when the first signs of distress came to the fields. As the sun beat down upon the fields Lili could not help but wonder who would come to assist them and if they would arrive before it was too late.  

Gates will be provided - Meet at Serpent Warriors Guild
This will be in FELUCCA so take necessary precautions 
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