Chivalry tweeks and add on's. Creating relics and consecrate weapon and armor.

PenNPaperPenNPaper Posts: 97
edited March 2018 in Skills and Stats
Kind of on my wish list and probably will not make game but interesting. A New Chivalry skill that is kind of complex that consists of Chivalry having a consecrate ability, A mod to ankhs and lots of tithing points. The way this could work would be the Paladin taking an item to a ankh shrine. Clicking on it would have consecrate ass an option then the player would come up and you would choose the item you wish to consecrate and then a pop up with a tithing cost that could be anywhere from 25K to a couple hundred of cold value in tithing points. As for item and or relic tweaks not sure but should be something themed with Paladins.

 This may also be usable to make relics.

 Not sure on item bonuses but would be limited with special items and a large amount of money to consecrate an item.

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