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As a tamer i am always ready to add to my extensive collection of pets.
and im hoping this one is going to be a rare pet that will be solely gotten by way of the high seas mechanics and thus a super rare and specialized pet..

speaking as a tamer trying to do the high seas beacons and finding that the cannons are pretty effective against those orcs with 2000 hp and multiple mages in the group casting heal spells on them.

I like how it looks but the look has a lot to be desired when it comes to function.
I would figure a pet gotten in the form of the high seas especially considering it looks like a newt 1/2 of the way from aquatic tadpole to the land based newt i really expected it to have the abilities of say a water elemental and actually be able to get off my ship cross threw the water and be able to attack the orcs on the beacon.  

now not yet knowing what you have planed for the idea of the beacons
solo play
multiple players and ships being the only way to take them down

then i dont know the reason for yet another pet that has little to know usage connected with the  high seas work we are doing with this update.

it certainly does not do a tamer any good to have it for trying solo beacons.  and as a long term tamer ranged combat via pets are well pretty useless for even the frost dragons and all their power in a melee combat their  long range combat ability using magery is pretty much useless.  leaving their only high damage move of fire ball something which they do not use any where near enough to make them effective in ranged combat against high hit point targets.

where as this new pet is cool and all and i will defiantly get my self a few when they come out i just cant see then as any more viable in ocean combat as the pets we already have access to.

give them the ability to get off the ship and swim on the water to attack the orcs on the beacons and all those monsters running around those beacons or give them the ability of the hydras doing a fire breath attack as powerful as the frost dragon but that will hit all targets in range then great we got us a worth wile pet to use in our new sea combat seniarois where the traditional pets would be useless.  

In general i do like them they have a good base and bring in that much needed element of variety to the game.  would be nice if they were a pet that could be trained in necromancy just so we have another one to support that skill set.

ack sorry i tried to put this in the pet discussion forum must have clicked the wrong button.  Ill try to get it in there now..
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