Ship loot upgrade

currently the cost of making charges via buying the saltpeter or the time it takes to mine it or cost of large amounts of ship paintings and the time you have to wait for them to produce enough powder to be useful.  
I sedgest these changes. modify ship resources on merchant tokuno vessels to include 
High Quality Granite. 
frost wood logs and boards 
gargoyle merchant vessels increase the over all yeald of resources or add some super useful special loot item only for that class of ship.  after all they are much larger and with more fire power so  naturally they should be items that need that extra amount of protection to insure safe delivery.
ideas for added loot for garg ship
Ancient Sos's
white nets
Ship wreak journals (like sos but have several locations to ship wreaks with higher treasure)
Fishing ledgers. (like the resource maps but have only 1-3 uses for super rare fish/crabs/lobsters) chance for Tokuno minor artifacts (only in tokuno)
blue and pink scrolls 
blue pink and white scrolls (fel side)(tokuno and pirate ships as well)
and yes i know the "oh but the Champ Spawn System" argument. 
and to that i say where the heck is the fun raiding known locations for each champ spawn.  having ships in fel also carrying power scrolls and stat scrolls it makes it easier especially on low pop shards for people to solo farm power scrolls.  and if we limit the spawn of ships containing power and stat scrolls to the t2a sea only.  that will limit the difficulty of finding ships to attack to a much smaller area but still give enough area to allow for maneuvering of the ships in battle and with the t2a no recall rules they will still have to get the scrolls out of t2a via landing and dry docking their ship and running out or getting their ship to a serpent pillar to escape before then]y can recall out.  And this will have the extra bonus of encouraging more people to use the benefits of the high seas has brought to the game and hopefully add some much needed ocean based pvp that sadly right now is pretty much limited to siege rule set shards.

Pirate ships 
these guys should be armed to the teeth to take on these merchant ships for their goods so pirate ship loot should get a big hit in the cannon supplies they carry
100 or so of each of the cannon resources
large quantities of wood cloth and ingots for their repairs and for that matter the repairs of any one brave enough to take them  on
special cannon ammo
cannon deeds 
maybe some cool new contra band items.
licker crates are cool but would love to see some more items like that
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