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Hey @Bleak @Kyronix , any chance for Magery Mastery pets to be looked at/fixed? Currently, there's several bugs or asinine aspects of them.
First of all, they like to cast Bless on their opponent, rather than themselves. This is obviously unintended.
Second, their Magic Reflection casts are problematic, lowering their Physical Resist (which is the most common "element") while raising their Elemental Resists, and we have no control over it whatsoever.
Third, they like to initiate Death Ray while being attacked in melee range, which just sucks down their Mana on channels that get interrupted before they can even tick. Plus they stop melee attacking while channeling Death Ray, so they just trade one form of damage for another, rather than adding onto it.

Even on a Serpentine Dragon with 1,039 INT/1,500 Mana/30 MR, 120 Magery/120 Eval/120 Med/120 Focus, Magery Mastery's damage output simply cannot compare to that of a pet with Chiv+AI.

It'd be nice if Magery Mastery pets had access to some AoE spells, such as Chain Lightning, Meteor Swarm or Mass Curse. I remember back in the day when WWs would cast Mass Curse.

Oh, while i'm at it, Conduit doesn't work correctly for Necro pets. They'll cast it and use Mana for it, but none of their single target necro spells chain off of it.


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    Death ray is working as intended.

    They still cast magic reflect? I thought that was fixed when it got reported in the testing stage.

    Area spells would be cool, I can’t remembet seeing a pet cast earthquake. 

    There’s also a bug listed in the bug forums that a pet casting blood oath doesn’t reflect spells. And another bug listed that says cold wind doesn’t do any damage, I know they recently changed cold wind but I have to say I still haven’t observed it deal any damage. 

    Necro pets casting corpse skin is still an issue, (since all the necro pets deal physical damage) a suggested fix was to remove the raising physical/cold aspect of the spell. 

    Is it bad thet nobody bothers tagging @misk anymore? 

    I tell you the truth, tis better to do 10 damage on the right target than 100 damage on the wrong target.

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