saltpeter cost

can we get saltpeter changed to be like reagents and not cost more each time 1000 gets baught of it.  or at least give it max cap or make the price reset every so often.  
for that matter i think all the commodities that you get 500 of each at a time should get a periodic reset to the original price or have a hidden vendor that apears randomly around the world and that the price resets when ever he respawns.

because the price going up like it does it gets to the point that you can no longer profit from using it.  ie it cost more to scuttle a ship then you get back in loot


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    This has been asked before and was denied, too many miners will complain that they won't be able to sell to NPCs to bring the cost down, which is how the developers intended for it to work. Personally I don't believe it, I've checked multiple shards and they're all bought up to over 250 per, someone stands there and buys a few hundred thousand for themselves and then screws everyone else out of it. Siege is coded slightly different, the SP is always the same price, but you cant buy 500 right away, you have to start out with 20, and then wait an hour or sometimes more for it to bump to the next level. If you don't mind spending most of the day you can finally get it to 999. This was reported as being bugged or broken, but was never investigated. This is supposed to make the community stronger apparently, or maybe cater to the PK crowd if they choose to camp the sea market looking for people simply trying to buy SP. Either way it's pretty silly, there's absolutely 0 reason why it shouldn't be 20 gold per, in quantities of 500 at a time, that never goes up in price. But it won't change.
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    Please make the Grizzled Mare a 5 slot mount, it's incredibly rare and deserves it.
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    From Publish notes:
    Alchemists who sell saltpeter have been added to the Moonglow & Britain docks.

  • I dont mind farming it up to 999 do that with every thing else like regs and scrolls so wouldnt bother me at all to farm up sp the same way.  
    but its a bit insane when you look at costs combined with quantity needed to make powder charges.  think at my last calculation on sonoma using the fel side where it was the cheapest it was running me about 10k to 15k per shot to scuttle a ship.  then combine that with needing abbot 15 shots to scuttle a tokuno ship we are looking at 150k to 225k to scuttle 1 ship.  and the resources on that ship would total maybe 50k-75k.  so any one that doesnt have a ship painting from the kings collection would be loosing massive gold to farm the merchant ships.  Which is good news for the players that are able to buy a 1/2 dozen or more paintings and wait for them to produce enough powder charges supply them with the needed ammo.  but guess it was an added bonus because it keeps them from having to worry about competition for the merchant ships.
    but when it comes to cost vs profit from the high seas sea battling it leaves only the tokuno ships worth the effort to attack.  gargoyle ships carry much less resources on board so very little profit or barely break even when you combine the extra ammo  you need to scuttle a gargoyle ship and the decreased quantity of resources you could plunder from the ship.  As for pirate ships they are completely worthless unless you are doing the pirate capture quest for the ship parts.
  • yes and i thank you guys for adding them but the sad thing is adding new vendors with out limiting the cost to a max cap or have the vendors re-spawn every so often resetting the price back to the starting level then when this goes live the price will just sky rocket right back up there.  and with them being in a location that you can just recall to and recall out that price is going to up even faster then it did when people had to sail to the sea market.
    and is thus why i sedgested alchemist to spawn as part of the jipsy camps or maybe just add it to the list of items sold by the provisioner or reagent npc that have the chance to spawn in those camps
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