stream line boat cannon repairs

Is there a possibility to make boat and cannon repairs like how you have done the
cannon loading

have say a crate or something that you can put ingots cloth and boards into so that you can do ship and cannon repairs via using the resources in the box instead of having to fill your pack up over and over again to get all the repairs done


  • KyronixKyronix Posts: 957Dev
    It is something we can look into for a future publish
  • cool 
    i do want to renote the cannon damage
    ive scuttled 2 ships
    1 merchant vessel tokuno
    1 merchant vessel gargoyle
    and my cannon that i used to scuttle these 2 ships
    already shows moderate damage

    and i targeted them from behind so i know my cannon didnt take any damage via returned fire 
    it was straight up me firing it only
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