increased sea spawn ship routing

I would love there to be much more spawn in the sea.
i know at one point there was at least the artwork for sea horses and such
but would love to see allot more things in the oceans to fight and such.
so seeing more pirate ships and merchant ships would be a huge plus as would
more sea creatures as well.

it would also be cool if you use the map function for like when some one plots a course on the map and give it to the tiller men it would be cool if that very same function would get added to spawned merchant and pirate ships.  maybe not all the ships but would be cool to see some ships that would actually sail back add forth between different harbors.

another thing that might be fun would be ship based escort quests.
these would be just like the compassion escort quests but would be done via ships.  this would take much longer so the reward should be scaled up for sure to make it worth it and would be fun if it also worked like trade mission quests in that you would actually have to fight off monsters and pirate ships to protect the ship you are escorting.

but defiantly need much more pirate and merchant ships.  call me crazy but i really want more to shoot at out on the sea.... hugh what me fuse happy.  i done know what.... hold on.......... FIRE IN THE HOLE.......uhh where was i again
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