Capturable ships

I played the ultima single player games and one of the things i loved to do is
camp out side by the shore and wait over night to lure pirate ships to the shore so i could
capture them and use them
it would be really cool if we could get say another 2-3 different ship designs that we could sail around and scuttle to capture them.
do emergency repairs
sail to shore and repair 
then dry dock
what would be super fun is have them like the golden cu.  
have a dozen designs of each with just a minor change here and there
on them and then have a couple of the designs supper rare
simple designs
like take the tokuno ship and remove one of the masts 
and have like 9 designs of that ship where there is just a simple decoration design change.
then 2 with rare deco on them 
and 1 super rare deco design

and then do the same with the gargoyle ship

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